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Every business has an unnecessary and ever increasing amount of paper data. This data is only accessible to the person with it in hand. The distribution of this data is often by photocopying and placing in the necessary in-trays.

Scanning and Imaging is fast becoming a necessary and invaluable addition to business processes.

The implementation of an Intelligent Scanning solution will streamline and accelerate the document-driven business processes of most businesses. Examples of this are:

  • Proof-of-delivery for a logistics firm

  • Claims processing for an insurance company

  • New account opening for a bank

  • Case management for a government agency

  • Engineer Work and Timesheets

  • Document Archiving and Retrieval

The electronic document can be searched for and delivered either automatically or manually to the necessary personnel for their approval, viewing or notification. This dramatically reduces the business process and in many cases the necessity to have more than one copy circulated.

A4 Computers work with all best of breed manufacturers for scanning hardware and software to provide the correct solution that fits your business processes.

A4 Computers specialise in Kofax system upgrades and have a team of qualified and accredited "Technical Solutions Specialists" for all your Kofax requirements, their expertise will provide and design the correct solution for you.

For scanning and imaging we offer best of breed software that includes:

  • Kofax

  • Captiva

To compliment these solutions we offer scanners from market leading manufacturers that includes:

  • Kodak

  • Bwe Bell + Howell

  • Fujitsu

Please contact us to arrange an appointment for one of our imaging specialist to discuss your requirements and prepare a no obligation proposal.



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